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Worship and Reflection

Church Building Opening
Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on 23rd June 2020, the Parish of Kidderminster Ismere will begin to open its church buildings for Sunday Worship. Our priority is that we can keep people who are attending our buildings safe. A decision was made at the Parochial Church Council on Wednesday 1st July that our churches should begin to re-open. Holy Trinity, (Trimpley), will be open for a service of Morning Prayer at 9.30am and St John's will hold a service of Holy Communion at 11am on Sunday 2nd August. Streamed on Facebook later. It will be a ‘said’ service with no hymns or music. The PCC are also concerned that anyone in a vulnerable category thinks carefully before attending. The service will be live streamed on Facebook.
It is good news that Lock Down is easing but we still need to look after one another and we are determined to do just that by keeping each other safe. Our prayers are with all in our physical and virtual communities. Please read the information provided along with this announcement.

What to Expect on Sunday
1. Anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus should stay at home.  The service will be live streamed via the St Peter Cookley Facebook page and then posted to the Kidderminster Ismere YouTube station for 11.00am

2. Those who are ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’, as defined by the government and NHS, are advised not to attend.

3. Those who are over 70 and/or clinically vulnerable, should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household/‘bubble’.

4. St Peter Cookley will open for the service from 9.15am.  We can accommodate 24 people as per our risk assessment and social distancing at 2m.  In the event of reaching maximum capacity, please understand that, for safety reasons, we would be obliged to turn people away.

5. Paper service-sheets will be available on a table by the door along with hand sanitiser.  It is very important that those who have a service-sheet take it away with them at the end of the service.

6. Members of the congregation are welcome to wear face-coverings if they wish; this is not mandatory.

7. Members of the congregation are warmly encouraged to sanitise their hands at the entrance to church.  You will be asked to provide your name and contact details for NHS Track and Trace. Your details will be kept for 21 days.

8. Under the latest Church of England guidance, the Parish is operating a policy of 2 metres’ social distance.  Please observe this on the way into church, when taking a seat for the service, and on exit. Please fill the church from the front pew back.

9. Please speak to clergy before the service if you wish to receive a gluten- free communion wafer, or to have communion brought to you in your seat.

10. Communion in one kind (bread only) will be received standing, in front of the altar rail.
Those coming forward for communion are asked to form a single line in the main aisle, socially distanced from one another, and return to their seats via the Lady Chapel.

11. The service is expected to last 25-35 minutes, and regrettably toilet facilities are not available.

12. At the end of service, you may be asked to stay in your seat until directed to leave, in order that exit from the church can proceed in a socially distanced manner.  Please follow the direction of clergy.

13. As you leave church, an offertory plate will be available for cash and envelopes and the contactless donation point will be open.

14. Outside the building, after the service, will be the moment to greet other members of the congregation in a socially distanced manner.  Refreshments will not be served.

15. Following the service the church will be locked to be quarantined for 72 hours and surfaces and door handles will be disinfected.

Please note that these measures are in place for your and others’ safety.  We warmly thank you for your support and co-operation.
2nd July 2020

Message from the clergy team.

We have been trying to pull together resources for our church family, currently we have sent to as many as possible the Home Worship Booklet which Paul Blackham has produced. I still have a few left which I can post or email to anyone you know who would like a copy.
There are a few events over the weekend listed below with links, if you click on them I am optimistic you will be able to see them. We are pulling together a whole programme of prayer throughout Holy week to support as many as possible in their worship at home. We are very aware that not everyone has access to technology or can operate it.
Hopefully with the booklets and the online and telephone calls we can continue to be church and walk through Holy week together whilst in our separate homes. We need your help to ensure we communicate with as many people as possible so please do share these resources.
Dear Church Family,

What a strange year this has been, it seems an age since the New Year, it has certainly been a really long haul.... I have noticed that people are getting weary and fractious at times, I suppose like any long journey it is a human reaction to the restrictions and limits which have been placed on us, we each have had to find a new way of living and being.

This week's gospel reading is a story perhaps quite familiar to many of us, the day when Jesus fed the five thousand. What we often forget is on that day Jesus had just heard of the death of John the Baptist his cousin and he withdrew from the crowds to find a quiet space, a very human reaction and need to be alone at such a time. The crowds followed Jesus five thousand plus eager to hear more of his teaching about the kingdom of God, how to live well.

Throughout this day Jesus mirrored God's generosity, he overcame the need he had for quiet and space and generously taught the crowd all day as they listened eagerly to his teaching. When it came to evening they were far from home, the disciples wanted to send them home, but Jesus miraculously fed five thousand people all through one little boy's generous trust as he gave his five loaves and two fish to Jesus to share. There was more than enough, everyone ate well and there were twelve baskets left over.

I love this picture of God providing so much more than was needed, God loves each one of us, not just a bit on a good day, but generously, lavishly any and every day. As church family we are called to mirror God's love to the world. We are encouraged to be generous and lavish and not just on a good day. As we ask for and receive God's generous love, it energises us, it encourages us, it sustains us and as we mirror this and lavish it on others it does the same for those around us.

We have the opportunity to meet weariness, fractiousness around us with generous lavish love, helping us to live well.

Yours in Christ

Revds Bridget, Nigel and Simon

The Church of England has a phone line resource called Daily Hope 0800 804 8044 so if you would like a change from online you could use the telephone line instead or as well.
Please do share these resources with anyone you are in touch with, especially those not on email.
Links for online resources this week: Live on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kidderminsterismere/

Sunday 2nd August      Morning Prayer           09:30 at Holy Trinity
Holy Communion       11:00 at St John’s

Mon 3rd August to Fri 7th August at 08:00 Morning Prayer
Mon 3rd August to Fri 7th August at 20:00  (Not on Wed) Compline led by those involved in ministry from across the team of churches.

Wed 5th August 10:00 Holy Communion Service at St Peter’s, Cookley

Wed 5th August Ismere @ Prayer 18:45 coffee and chat, 19:00-19:30 Prayer via Zoom - please see Facebook for a link or ask Nigel.

Saturday 8th August 10:00 Bible Lyte

Angela J Hayden
Parish Administrator
Kidderminster Ismere Parish
01562 751923

The Church of England has a phoneline resource called Daily Hope 0800 804 8044 so if you would like a change from online you could use the telephone line instead or aswell.
Please do share these resources with anyone you are in touch with, especially those not on email.


Links for online resources this week: Live  on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kidderminsterismere/
or an hour later on You Tube.
The Parable of the Lost Sheep

         A parable is a story that teaches us a lesson in a nice way. Our story today helps us learn that God loves every single one of us. Get comfy and we’ll begin… Let’s meet our shepherd. His job is to look after his flock of sheep. He has one hundred sheep and though they all look a bit the same to me, to our shepherd they are all very different and all very special. He knows them so well that he can even tell “who is who” from their “baaaing” sound! Take Daisy the sheep for example – her “BAAAAAA” is deep and rumbles (you have a go, perhaps you can pretend?) but Baaa-rney’s goes a bit squeaky – “baaaaaaa”, yes just like that!  Each day, our shepherd walks for many miles, taking his sheep to find food to eat and water to drink and each evening he gathers them all together and protects them from danger during the cold, dark nights. The sheep know the sound of his voice and they follow him as he calls them into the safety of the sheep fold, counting as he goes…..  “One, two, three – oh there is Mrs Woolley.
fluffiest sheep I have ever seen”.  “Five, six, seven - and my baby Lambert”. “Nine, ten, eleven – hello Baaa-bara, yes and Shawn -that one just loves having his fleece clipped”.  “Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, here comes a crowd – it’s Minty, Basil and Herbie. Just one sniff and I know which is which.”  Our shepherd carries on counting. He is a patient man and one hundred is a great deal of sheep. At last he counts “Ninety-eight, ninety- nine…….” But then there are no more sheep – oh no, one of his sheep is missing! He knows straight away which it is – Daisy: he had missed her deep “BAAAA”. Where was she? He must find her. He makes sure the other ninety-nine are safe and then our shepherd starts searching. There are so many dangers and so many places that Daisy could be. Some bushes have tasty fruit on. They look tempting to a hungry sheep but the bushes have thorns too - perhaps her fleece is tangled up and she can’t move?
Our shepherd moves quickly and looks down between huge stones.  A young sheep might think they are strong enough for a tricky climb but maybe Daisy has fallen on the rocky hillside? Perhaps she is lying somewhere, injured and listening out for the Shepherd to call her?   “Daisy!” …..no answer “Dear lamb!” ………. still no sound……. At least, no “baaaaing” sound but there is something……………a howl in the distance and then another……. wild animals. Wolves or possibly hyenas are looking for a tasty dinner. Will our shepherd be too scared to carry on looking for Daisy? Will he turn around and go back to the sheep fold?  No, he keeps on searching. He isn’t scared. He would face one hundred wolves to save Daisy. So, is Daisy more special than his other sheep? What about if it was Lambert? Or Basil? It would make no difference. Our shepherd would search for any of his sheep if they were lost. He loves them all just the same and will never stop calling.  “Daisy……………. dear lamb!”
Our shepherd listens…… on the still air, he hears a deep “BAAAA” It’s Daisy - he would know her voice anywhere.  “Dear lamb, I’m near, follow my voice!” There was a rustling sound in the bushes and there was Daisy – a little bit dirty and smelly after a difficult day but that doesn’t bother our shepherd. “Up onto my shoulders little one. You must have become confused and scared but don’t worry, you aren’t lost any more. I’m here, I’ll carry you, you’re safe now.” What happiness and celebrations there were in the sheep fold that night – the lost sheep was found!

If you would like to enjoy a cartoon version of this story then just click the link below or Google “Lost Sheep Saddleback Kids” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ry2MaMyvGo

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